by The abby mac

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released September 2, 2016

The abby mac



all rights reserved


The abby mac Brooklyn, New York

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Track Name: LIipStIcK
It takes a lie,
you flip the cards that never show and let it rain,
takes its toll away,
all i do is let it go.
breathe and let it go......
Track Name: DriVE
every morning I'm angered now,
gathered round a brain washed clown,
every one who's insecure,
you can try the ear drop spaz,
betrayed fall exhale fail,
you can try my friends you'll never regret that i could tell you,
my brain my thoughts my veins are out there but they'll never bite you,
or you could try a horse to hell, on my way forgot i never told you,
from every corner and angle round,
pascify your anger down,
any more there is no love.
so pascify....never tried so hard..
Track Name: PaSsenGEr "q"
Creeping voice growing by the minute,
call it terra nova,
falling souls tortured to admit it ,
now their life's over,
it builds inside..no leafs hang over..inbred youth
who never see the light and space ignore and aaaaa

Last time I snuck behind your door...on the floor lyed killing a treat
grinding all along...but now that you;re all on your own...
injures to your brain...escalades mutalates drafting you out all away
but after all its good to know ....it never really mattered
Track Name: J'ai oublié
tous les poissons de la mer
cherche un endroit pour pondre ses œufs
en profond
quelque part chaud et jamais froid
quelque part en dessous
juste pour toi
seulement pour toi
Track Name: answers
I wake up in the morning... wake up in the morning and i brush my hair..
is it gonna be another shiny day???or is it not??? i don't really care
the morning light breaks in wide over me..and lights a hundred things i own...lay your head where all the trees are green...i've the answers you don't know..
of how to spare a lie !!! will i ever really open??it's hard to stay awake when i look at you...
morning light breaks in wide over me... and burns a hundred things i know..will this always be the case of me?? to curse the places u would go